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 Portable learning machine is the popular learning device for students study in mainland China. Early learning machine is connected with television and output and display by television screen, It is not convenient for portability. Later it gradually turned to a variety of smaller, electronic dictionaries, with separate screens providing personal information management, game, chinese-english dictionary, chinese-english translation, and other functions.  but all the procedures are curing on the memorizer, and storage capacity is limited, and the function is not extensible. With the development of technology, this kind of portable equipment is  in the new development to further strengthen the function of learning, support of different forms of learning and diverse subjects. some are open operating system, support capacity expansion, player, and other functions. 


The project details with PATL battery:

1. display: general for 7 inch or 9 inch TFT true color digital display and mobile phone size portable machine learning 

2. keyboard: generally USES the standard laptop keyboard 

3. style: basically is the same as a laptop 

4. CPU: generally USES ARM9 kernel, frequency above 200 m 

5. have a built-in PATL lithium battery 

6. high-level products have a touch screen

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