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  • Battery mould development

      Battery mould development response the comprehensive matching production capacity of an enterprise.   Small lithium has many polymer batteries mold, we can choose or recommended to clients our existing models, so that we can control costs and reduce the development cost and development cycle.   We also develop all kinds of battery assembly mould, such as plastic injection mold, metal mold, plastic ultrasonic welding mold and so on, can provide customers with various types of battery ... more 2016-05-14
  • Lithium battery energy density of 4 times? No word

      Earlier, a general scholar of fudan university has developed the so-called "water lithium battery", so-called energy density can be about 80% higher than a regular lithium battery. News released by the journal science reports, it has caused quite a stir in society, even make many people believe that a new round of revolution in the lithium battery has come, perhaps now is the best time to get rid of the dependence on oil. But in fact, the news is just a flash in the pan have not below, for mor... more 2016-05-14
  • Common battery problem

    Over current and short-circuit current   For unknown reason (or discharge is the cathode metal by accident) cause over current or short circuit, in order to ensure safety, must immediately stop discharge.   For over current protection IC principle, when the discharge current is too large, or short circuit occurs, protection IC will activate a short circuit current protection, over current at this time of testing is to power MOSFET Rds (on) as inductive impedance to monitor its voltage ... more 2016-05-14
  • The classification of lithium battery

      Lithium batteries are generally use lithium manganese dioxide as positive pole material, metal or its alloy metal anode materials for batteries, the use of water electrolyte solution. Discharge reaction: Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2 lithium ion battery: the lithium ion battery is usually USES lithium alloy metal oxide anode material, graphite as the cathode material, using nonaqueous electrolyte battery. Charge on a positive reaction for LiCoO2 = = Li (1 -) x CoO2 + XLi++ Xe - (electronic) charge is hap... more 2016-05-14
  • Small new energy lithium battery management system

    Battery protection scheme is a kind of high and new technology and complex system, it involves all kinds of protection function, can according to need to design hardware and software control and communication function:  - charging voltage protection; - charging pressure lifting; - discharge voltage protection; Remove - discharge voltage; - overcurrent protection; - short circuit protection; - balance charge management; - the battery temperature detect... more 2016-05-14
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