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       PATL  has a strong R & D team composed of a group of senior experts with above 10-year lithium battery developing experience. With  targeting lithium ion battery industry leading-edge technology,The R&D insists on continuous technological innovation and new product development, providing technical assurance to meet customer requirements!

      The  R & D department has its own laboratory and test center for material test and pilot project test, The test centre includs Karl Fischer Hugh moisture tester, ratio surface area analyzer, air permeability tester, laser particle size analyzer and atomic absorption spectrometer, micro electronic tension meter, electronic microscope and other advanced materials testing equipments.

Carle's water meter


       The Equipment is suitable for the determination of moisture content of all kinds of materials.At present it is the most reliable water analysis measuring instrument with a wide range of applications  suitable for solid, liquid and gas samples. If you can not directly measure the solid samples, you can connect the water gasification device for measuring. When combined with the water gasification device, the equipment can automatively move sample plate, setting the gasification temperature, setting the carrier gas ventilation time and other measuring conditions. It can be controlled by the host computer and automatic measurement. The reproducibility is good, the accuracy is high, and the time is convenient. Karl Fischer method using I2, SO2, pyridine, anhydrous CH3OH (water content below 0.05%) is formulated as a reagent, the determination of the equivalent of reagent water, water in the reagent and sample for the reaction, by calculating the reagent consumption and calculated water content of samples.

Atomic absorption spectrometer


       Atomic absorption spectrometer, also is known as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, according to the ground state atomic vapor radiation absorption of the role of the characteristics of the metal element analysis. It can be sensitive and reliable for the determination of trace elements and trace elements. It is Mainly used for the analysis of trace element impurities, high sensitivity and good selectivity. Widely used in a variety of materials in the analysis of trace elements, it  can  detect lead (Pb) cadmium (Cd) Hg (Hg), such as more than 50 kinds of elements. We mainly uses this instrument to carry on the quantitative analysis to the harmful element content of all kinds of battery materials. With Two kinds of generators, flame atomic absorption and hydride atomic absorption, The former can be detected at the ppm level (10-6), the latter sensitivity at ng/ml level (10-9)

Air permeability tester



   Pre processing sample is placed between the test cavity, clamping. The first,samples are put on the low-pressure chamber (IVC), vacuum and then treate on the whole vacuum system. when it reachs the required degree of vacuum, close the test cavity and fill in certain gas into the high pressure cavity ( upper cavity)  to ensure a constant pressure difference (adjustable) on both sides of the samples, in that condition the gas will be in the pressure gradient and permeate by the high-pressure side to the low side.  Through the monitoring of the pressure in the low pressure side, we can  obtain the barrier parameter of  test sample.

High and low temperature test chamber



 We can do the high and low temperature cycling test (environmental adaptability), high and low temperature discharge test (electrical performance) through the simulation of high and low temperature storage environment. With microcomputer program control,  the temperature range can be -40 degree  to - 150 degree.

Battery impact testing machine



During the core process of winding, some problems such as dust mixed,winding not neat,insulation membrane damage may occur.  It  will lead to hidden danger to the safety of lithium batteries. We can  rapidly detect above problems through the pulse high voltage impulse technology.

Our testing machine can be used to detect the inner partial discharge of micro short circuit. It can have fast charging and discharging test with high efficiency.

Battery tester


        The battery tester, with convenient fixture,  is mainly used for cell cycle life test, capacity test, charge and discharge test. Its application covers polymer lithium, lithium ion, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lead acid and other battery performance test, trial production of battery formation and the capacity sorting, assembled battery, laptop battery test. 

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