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  • What influence the lithium ion battery cycle performance?

      Each lithium electricity industry personnel have to consider lithium ion battery performance, and longer cycle life means less resource consumption. So what exactly what determines the performance of lithium ion battery cycle there? Material: the choice of materials is the first factor influence the properties of lithium ion batteries. Chose the cycle performance of poor material, process made more perfect, more reasonable, the cycle of batteries must also cannot guarantee; Chose the bett... more 2016-05-14
  • Power battery development international BBS was held in Beijing

      2013 (the eighth) Beijing power lithium ion battery technology and industrial development international BBS and lithium ion from the Chinese academy of engineering safety engineering frontier technology seminar held in Beijing a few days ago, the Chinese and foreign experts around the safety of the lithium ion battery and development prospect of their distinctive views are put forward.   Lithium ion batteries with high energy density, long cycle life, small self-discharge, no memory effec... more 2016-05-14
  • Japan developed solid wide temperature lithium battery

      A Japanese research team developed a lithium ion battery based on solid medium, can improve the adaptability of the battery, have wider environmental temperature.  The team developed a can produce electric current of the dielectric, like a electrolyte with existing lithium-ion batteries, its shape is solid, with the research team created a solid-state lithium batteries, after many experiments, the electrical conductivity can achieve the level of the existing liquid lithium ion battery.&nb... more 2016-05-14
  • Analysis of regional market of lithium battery research institutions

      Production and application of lithium ion batteries are mainly concentrated in North America, Europe and the asia-pacific region are three main areas, market research firm frost on the lithium battery in the future development of the above three areas are analyzed.   1. the north American market: lithium-ion batteries will be fully bloom in all fields, the biggest gains, in the field of household and industrial applications in automotive power lithium battery, no advantage;   2. the ... more 2016-05-14
  • Power lithium battery industry faces several challenges

    Power lithium battery industry faces several challenges:    1. new energy vehicles promotion rate and the expected goal difference   2. the security problems of power battery is yet to be resolved   3. low level repeated construction, lead to serious overcapacity   4. the price is declining in domestic lithium electricity industry large losses   5. the bottleneck of the intellectual property right and technology risk   6. industry development needs, policies to prom... more 2016-05-14
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