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Quality management

Quality Policy: QUALITY FIRST, Technical Innovation, Refine on Processing , Continuous Improvement.

The company strictly subject to  the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 system to establish quality assurance system.  Our QC Department is composed by the IQC, IPQC, QA,QE, FQC with more than 50 strict trained staffs to ensure the whole quality safety process from raw materials , production process to final product outgoing shipments. 

IQC:  Inspection of raw materials, accessories and parts of the quality, to ensure that all raw materials in line with the company's quality standards;

IPQC: Inspection and control of the quality of the production process, timely detection and correction of the abnormal situation in the production process, to ensure quality when product flow into the next process.

QA: According to IEC standards and customer requirements to control product quality testing;

QE: Quality engineer, release the production technical information and supervise the implementation, put forward proposals to improve the structure and procedure of the product;

FQC:  Be responsible for the final quality inspection of the products and ensure the quality of outgoing products before delivery.

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