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Quality assurance system


Quality assurance system
The operation of Quality Assurance System takes customer satisfaction as the goal.

Section one: Customer quality assurance

1, Product development and design based on customer requirements and expectations.

2, come to agreement with the customer requiments on product specifications, quality standards and other issues 
3,  Do PDCA cycle improvement on Non-conformance term of customer audit and feedback

4, Provide customers with the most professional high-quality solutions

Section Two:  Finished product quality assurance

1, Production department do full inspection on outgoing Finished product

2,  Quality management department do sampling inspection according to related quality agreement

3,  Product safety and reliability test according to related standard.

Section Three:  manufacturing process quality assurance

1, Establish and implement the design, manufacturing process quality assurance system in accordance with the  90001:2015 ISO standard
2, Implement process management, monitor the production capacity and production capacity index (CPK). Improve continuously at regular intervals.

Section Four: supplier quality assurance

1,  Come to quality agreement with suppliers on the quality of the materials .

2, Audit the major suppliers of materials on site regularly.Push the improvement of supplier quality management.

3,  track the effect of supplier quality improvement measures.

Section Five: QUALITY FIRST, Technical Innovation, Refine on Processing , Continuous Improvement.


Strictly follow the requirements of ISO90001:2015 managing system.  Total involvement on improvement


Section Six: Quality commitment

We make the following solemn commitment to our customers
1,  Maintain the normal operation of the quality management system, refuse the behavior of any deviation from the quality policy.
2, Meet customer's requirements and achieve customer 's satisfaction through continuous improvement
3, Fast response to the customer's comments, complaints 
4, full participation in quality management, Provide customers with reliable products

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